Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Aid Brands We Work With

Our practice works with the world’s leading hearing aid brands. We are committed to providing you with the latest hearing technologies, features, and designs to enrich your hearing experience. Our experts are versed in the range of hearing aid models and the latest developments in hearing technologies, allowing us to recommend options that are optimal for your everyday life. Today’s hearing aids are incredibly innovative and sleek, offering you an array of exciting options. Major hearing aid brands we work with include the following:

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GN ReSound is a worldwide top manufacturer.

See how ReSound Nexia™ hearing aids connect with new Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio to open up a new universe of personal and shared listening experiences.

Whether you’ve worn hearing aids before or this is your first time, our most advanced technology and design of ReSound Nexia™ make hearing easier than ever – it feels almost like not wearing hearing aids at all.


Phonak develops and expands hearing aid technologies. Their latest hearing aids include the Phonak Audéo Life and Lyric. The Audéo Life is the world’s first waterproof hearing aid that delivers crisp and natural sounds. It is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid that offers enhanced sound quality. Additional features include a rechargeable battery option, multiple Bluetooth connections, tap controls, smart apps, and more.

Another innovative Phonak hearing aid is the Lyric, the first ever 100% invisible hearing aid. The Lyric is professionally placed, by a hearing healthcare specialist, deep in the ear canal. It can be worn 24/7 which means it does not need to be removed while showering or sleeping.



Unitron offers a range of hearing aids with award-winning designs that focus on delivering the most personalization. Their latest hearing aid is the Moxi Blu which is equipped with Unitron’s advanced processing system. This offers increased memory and connectivity options. Additional features the Moxi Blu offers include wireless connectivity, tap controls, sound optimization, and a rechargeable battery. Unitron also offers Bluetooth hearing aids. It was the first brand to provide a universal wireless solution that can stream audio directly from any Bluetooth-enabled audio source.



Starkey is an American owned (located in Minnesota) hearing aid brand. Their latest hearing aid models include the Livio and Evolv AI. The Livio is equipped with integrated sensors that track health-related activities like monitoring steps and exercise. Additional features include: wireless connectivity, tap controls, a rechargeable battery, and mask mode features to deliver clear speech communicated through masks. The Evolv AI is a hearing aid that is offered in different styles including both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear options. This device performs 55 million personalized adjustments each hour and is designed to deliver sharp and crisp sound quality.



Oticon produces hearing aids that allow wearers to do more and live actively. Their latest hearing aid models include the Own and More. The Own is an invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aid and is one of the smallest hearing aids available. It is equipped with Oticon’s BrainHeairng technology. This hearing technology provides the brain with access to 12 million real-life sounds which offer complex and natural soundscapes, strengthening sound quality. Another Oticon hearing is the Oticon More which is equipped with an advanced processing chip. This offers greater processing speed and sound quality. Additional features include tinnitus management, wireless connectivity, and a rechargeable battery.